SpeedWing twin 4.6


Speedwing 46

Twin set - used for the front fins of a tri or quad set up

Aerospace has used winglets for more than 30 years. They must know something about efficiency since you see it on almost every commercial jet. Rainbow Fin Company has incorporated this winglet technology to our fins and we are proud to introduce our "SPEEDWING" fin line. By adding the winglets to our fins we have made a major leap forward in fin design. The winglet converts the drag caused by the vortex at the fin tip into apparent thrust. When surfing with the SPEEDWING, you will feel like the fins are slipping through the water, which means that you don't feel drag. One of the most repeated comments about the SPEEDWING is" IT FEELS LIKE I HAVE A FIFTH GEAR ON MY SURFBOARD!" Take your surfing to the next level with the SPEEDWING. Use them as the front fins for your quad or tri fin set up. Keep what you have as your rear fins. This keeps your cost down on increasing your proformance.

depth 4.65" base 4.25"

Sunny Garcia - approved...just ask him about the Speedwings!