Fancy Beta Fish wood


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This piece was made from wood fins that were damaged or factory seconds to create the fins.  The emerald, green and blue are scrap materials from surfboard fins. 

These pieces of art are made from fiberglass surfboard fin material that would have been thrown away.  We knew we could find a way to reuse this material.  This is how these up cycled pieces of art came alive. 

handmade from fiberglass surfboard fin material.  I have re purposed the mounted frames and up cycled the surfboard fin material to give every Ocean loving surfer, beach goer and just people who love creative art.  Unusual but unique that can't be found just anywhere.  Each piece is unique as our colors are always changing and ideas keep growing on what to make next. 

Mount these in your house or outside. 

USA MADE in Santa Cruz, CA


pieces measure about 28" x 23"